Corporate Videos

Corporate videos, although dreaded by many, are a key form of communication in the business world. Whether it's delivering a message internally, celebrating recent achievements, showcasing to consumers or anything in between, we do our best to work within our clients guidelines and create informative, punchy and interesting videos.


Lynx Analytics is revolutionising the way that businesses look at mass data. In this collection of videos that we did for Lynx, we talk to a handful of employees about their journey into Lynx and a bit about what it's like to work there.

Event Coverage

When we're approached to do event coverage, we want to make sure we know as much about the event that is happening and the people behind it. So that on the day of the event we don't miss a single detail or shot, because we understand how important the one-time nature of your events are. This is a collection of some of our most recent event coverage.


This is our event coverage of Brand Minds Asia 2017, one of the largest business summits in South-East Asia. Featuring many big speakers like Suria Sparks, Gary Vaynerchuck, Shed Simove, Karim Rashid and Mihnea Gheorgiu.

Kali Majapahit is a martial arts academy based here in Singapore and around the world. In these two videos we captured highlight reels of the kids and adults Graduation Ceremonies and talked to both parents and gurus about what they think of Kali.

Marco Campomaggi is one of the most well known leather designers around the world. He and his wife, known for high-grade and intricate bag, handbag and other leather accessory designs, visited Dreamweave Singapore to showcase some products. Here's our coverage.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion Graphics and Animation solve problems in how to visually present information in a fun and informative way. We work on original ideas and pride ourselves on doing all of our works absolutely template free. Meaning anything you see here has been done from scratch, in-house at Electus. 


We were approached to create an internal video to motivate and push the General Managers of Gillette back on the right track. This video was produced using found footage of Roger Federer, with the help of some motion graphics, music and some sound design, with the aim of a engaging and inspirational presentation.

Artistic Strategies is an English writing school based in Singapore and focuses on fostering a creative environment for motivated kids. This is their manifesto.

MUIS is responsible for a very large part of what goes on in the Islamic community in Singapore. Taking care of events, providing to those in need, re-distributing donations and much, much more. This video was created to share the achievements and progression of MUIS since last years' Work Plan Seminar


We have a keen focus on movement.

With integral team members of Electus who have a passion for movement in the human form, it's a big part of what we do. We've practiced and refined our eye for everything movement over the years, and aim to do so with much focus in years to come. 


Fagan - A Featurette focuses on the the struggles and triumphs of living parkour with Fagan Cheong, a parkour practitioner/coach in Singapore.

This project was conducted entirely by Saphira N. Idayu, founder of Electus Films. More about the making of this film can be found here.

A paused, but ongoing series of videos created by members of Electus, where the love of video and movement meet. These videos were produced purely out of hobby and passion, but showcases capability in shooting, editing and performing from within the team.