is a multimedia video production company designed to celebrate the human form - movement - and capture the essence of living through films, music and stills that tell real human stories. We have been experts in our industry for more than 7 years now. By gathering together, we will inspire each other to move better, think deeper, and connect more fully to each other and the world. We hope to provide back to the community at the end of our journey.

We are based in Singapore and in Perth, Western Australia, but we work with clients worldwide.

WE MOVE - DANCE, parkour, Trampoline
WE OBSERVE - photography, film, Analog Film
WE REFLECT - classes, courses
WE EXPRESS - music, art

FOUNDER: Saphira Nur Idayu

Director | Actress | Screenwriter | Parkour Practitioner (Coach in Recovery)

In the beginning of her filmmaking journey, Saphira has won the Top 4 Future Filmmakers programme in NYU TischAsia for her first debut short film. Shortly after, she moved on to work in the industry for professional clients. After many years of working with different clients on different projects, from event coverages with PayPal, Formula 1 Singapore, Riverboat and doing videos for Contiki, Decathlon, and many more. Saphira has been equipped with many various skills in the industry and has wide range of knowledge of handling projects from cloud to dirt.

During her free time, she works on her own creative projects and hope to inspire the community and return to the community the support that she has received. She also coaches Parkour but is currently recovering from ACL Reconstruction Surgery. She enjoys singing and making music as well.