Full Video PRoduction

Are you on the journey to produce your first video, or have you been handling media for years? 

That doesn't matter to us. 

What does matter is being able to appropriately guide you every step of the way and make the best possible content we can. We've taken methods from what we think are the best parts of old-school production and modern-day filmmaking to be able to do quality work while making it as seamless as possible for you.



One thing that old-school got right was communication. And before any kind of creation can happen we need to know your ideas as if they were our own. 

We'll take what you have, fill in the gaps, and develop them to something unique, engaging and workable. We think meetings are important, but calls and email can suffice depending on the project.

Then, we'll go behind the scenes, explore the ideas a little further and turn them into a workable blueprint. In the case of video, scripts, storyboards, & treatments. Giving you the best idea of how the video will turn out, and the least amount of things for everybody to think about.



Now, depending on the project, there's many different paths to choose, but one process is shared, this is where the magic happens.

Bringing your ideas to life on set, through animation, using graphic design, via motion graphics, whatever it may be. 

We take advantage of a flexible, reliable crew, utilising only necessary members to ensure solid communication, a shared vision, and no unnecessary costs. 

Our equipment lists are modern and reliable, promising us quality and cutting down on hassle. 



"People oversee the role of an editor, they are the directors of post-production." -Saphira N. Idayu

Editing isn't just about stitching together what has already been shot, it's utilising sound, colour, movement, and form to create a story with impact.

Taking advantage of a small in-house team of editors, we're able to produce quality videos, direct communication, and lightning-fast turnarounds.


Finalisation and Distribution

Videos don’t always work out perfectly in the first draft, and we know this too well. So we have invested our time into finding the most seamless workaround, which we believe is Vimeo Review Pages.

But once that's out of the way, the video is yours! We'll put it in the cloud for you to view, access and download at any time. 

And if you're not quite sure what to do with the video when you have it, we can even help you out with getting it distributed. Whether that's YouTube, embedded, social media or even physical/traditional media. We have an idea of where your audience is and will do our best to get your video to them.

Standalone Services


We know that not everyone is looking for a full-fledged video production service anymore, and that’s okay! We still offer a bunch of standalone services for those of you who already have part or most of your project done and are just needing to fill in the gaps.

An event to be covered? Interviews needing to be shot? B-rolls waiting to happen? We’ve got your back. We don’t think it takes a big team and massive equipment to produce beautiful shots anymore, which is why we focus our efforts into the leanest teams and best quality, compact equipment. We’ll shoot with the optimum set of equipment and the most accommodating settings, then organize and upload to cloud storage for easy access.

Video Editing

The editor, in our opinion, plays one of the most important roles in making a video look beautiful. Which is why we take every step of the process seriously, from understanding the message of the video, choosing the music that’s a perfect match, to fixing any blemishes in the footage and delivering a wholesome final product. Whether you’ve assembled your clips, chose your footage and script and just need someone to put it all together, or haven’t even begun the post-production stages, we’re here to help.

Creative Development

As much as we’re in the industry of video, it’s not all about the tech. What makes a video great is the idea behind it, the story it tells and the sense of purpose it brings. We see the creative aspects of a job as the most important part of a project, without a solid foundation it can prove difficult to pull a meaningful video together. Hence, we offer our experience as storytellers as a service on it’s own, to help you to connect to your audience and deliver your ideas in the most purposeful way possible.

Motion Graphics & Animation

The quality of motion graphics and animation can be a real make or break in today’s video scene. Because of this, we make sure to cut no corners and and tailor every single detail to each and every different project. As a result, we are against recycling assets and presets, but instead, will make sure to deliver something original and made with care.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services usually go hand in hand with our video services, but that might just not be what you’re looking for. Business Cards? Logos? Banners? Album Art? Anything else? Run it by us!

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