So, You Wanna Do Film?

So You Wanna Do Film was created to bridge the gap between the students of film and the industry. It's personal project that was created and is run by some of the team here at Electus Films, purely a passion project to try and make that scary leap from study to industry a little less daunting. We talk about the different various stages of becoming a part of the industry and will delve into more and more topics as time goes on.


An Animated Introduction

We needed a short and snappy introductory video to launch So, You Wanna Do Film?, that would capture the audience and get our point across quickly. It's used on websites and such to entice viewers, and is pushed out on social media as a means of publicity. 

To achieve this, we decided to do a one-take, static video, and later add hand-drawn frame by frame animation to accompany the content of the video. This style of animation, although labor intensive, is very casual and fun, which captures the energy of So You Wanna Do Film? in a visual way.


Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)

Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis) is also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. It takes care of most, if not all Muslim & Islamic related issues that take place in Singapore.


work plan seminar 2018

We were approached to create a 7-8 minute long video to be played at MUIS annual Work Plan Seminar. The video was to be an animated slideshow, showcasing some of the achievements MUIS has been responsible for in the prior year.

Our job was to figure out a way to display all this information while keeping the video engaging and appealing. Our approach was to fly around a 3D space with the information presented in floating slides. At the end of the video it is revealed that all of this information forms a MUIS logo with a fly-out at the end.