Good things don’t just happened to people who just sit there and wait!
— Mikhail, Metanoia (2014)


A man goes through psychological change as he goes through a series of unfortunate events that sets as an obstacle for him to achieve his goal in life. Will he be able to make it?

Director's Note

Metanoia is one of the films where I felt for the most. It is inspired by true events
that I've gone through and also a really close companion of mine. It all began
with a single Facetime conversation I had with him whose name is Alexander
Efimov. Distance, space and time didn't get to us but time has managed to get
me inspired by the stories we share with one another. And being able to listen to
the stories and the change someone is going through is one thing, trying to
understand and feel HOW a certain person go through it is a totally different story.
Along the way, as ideas flow through me, I begin to feel the connection with the
story. When I share the script with the actors which I feel will portray best as the
characters I had in mind, they felt the strong connection too within themselves.
They are able to relate the situation in one way or another, no matter how small it
is, it was still significant to them.


Xavier Khoo as Alex

Russell Michael Van Diemen as Michael

Natalie Chew as Hailey 

Andrea Ladstatter as Ami 

Muhammad Danial as Injured boy

Ambry Nurhayati as Thief/Runner 

Behind the Scenes

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(Yes, there are glamorous and unglamorous pictures of cast and crew fooling around. Rest assured, we stay professional during filming.)


PAST Screening details


Saturday, 7th March 2015



(There will be other short films before hand, Metanoia is the 6th Film playing from 10am)


The Projector


#05-00, Golden Mile Tower,

6001 Beach Road, Singapore,Singapore,

199589, Singapore




And so here it is, the film METANOIA.