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Hotline Miami: Singapore Takeover is definitely one of a kind of Films, we as a group of Collective Creatives ever planned to shoot. Inspired by the high-octane action game with raw-brutality, we aspire to shoot our version of this game into a live-action short film at the most lawful country, Singapore back in the 1980s.

Jacket's entrance.

Jacket's entrance.

Our rendition

would be– Set in an alternative 1989 Singapore.

It revolves around the story of a masked man, as he follows mysterious instructions to kill Yakuzas inside targeted and tagged locations in order to save his sister.

Behind the scenes of Hotline Miami: Singapore Takeover


We have discussed and calculated the challenges we will face to produce this film. Being in a country which has strict laws, many of the things we do will require a certain amount of funds before things can happened or even permits a certain degree. There are a lot of things that's beneath the surface of what a country should be, but that's not going to stop us from shooting the film and make the best out of what we have access to.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help. If you can act or have any of the followings, let us know:

  • Volunteers to play as Akira's Yakuza mobsters, total of 10 more needed.
  • Volunteers to play as Cameo for the film.
  • A brown varsity jacket that you don't want anymore (or if you'd like to donate one!)
  • A vintage sportscar
  • Animal Masks (Especially the Owl)
  • Share this page to people who plays Hotline Miami, or passionate people who you think can give us a helping hand by contributing.
  • Support us by liking our main Facebook Page -

(*** Take note that transport is not included for Volunteers but meals will be provided on set.)


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