Antique : Experimental Cinematography short (2013)

Basically an experimental film. Also because I wanted to find out how it is like to shoot in low light conditions.

Shot on :

Canon 6D ; 24 - 70mm
Had different Manfrotto parts mounted together for the slider.
That includes the tripod.
And my table lamp (yes, I used table lamp)

Purge : Experimental short (2014)

Exploring new ways of storytelling, short shorts.





DARK (2014)

Another experimental short film.
Experimenting low light and dark cinematography. Also, a different way of editing. Just playing around with footage to see what I could get. And a little bit of After Effects. Flickering was on purpose. (Yes it was on purpose, trust me.)


If you'd like to see more.

YouTube Channel here.

Vimeo here.