Why we do what we do? - MOVEMENT

I've realised that I really have weak ankles.

For the period of my training years, I've always injured my ankles, both the right and the left and I've been recovering pretty much faster than before.

This got me thinking of why we do what we do?
People constantly asked me questions like, "You've gotten injured more than a thousand times and yet you still do movement? Why? Isit the thrill? Or isit just for the fame? For the attention you get when people know you can train parkour?"

I had one answer.

It is only for the love of movement.

Things can get pretty rough and depressing during recovery period, Chau Belle, one of the Founders of the Yamakasi, once set with me on a breezy afternoon telling me, "Ayu, as long as you move everyday. Even if it's 5 minutes of your time. You are growing."

Then I realised that every now and then, every step I take is a movement, progression to better things. I'm not the person I was yesterday, or a minute ago or even tomorrow. I'm the person I am now, whoever is experiencing me at that moment, that's who I am. Even with my movement.

So why do we do what we do?
You step into the dojo to train your martial arts, into the gym, into the class to learn something new, into a museum to be inspired..

Find your why. And maybe, just maybe, you'll find an inspiration to your reason for being alive.

So here's a small clip to my simple training recently after a silly injury.