Lancelin Sand Dunes - A Road Trip

JULY through AUGUST has been amazing. 

I thought I'd put another line acting as a period to that. I went to Video Junkiee in Sydney as well. There I met Yael Stone, Ashly Perez and many more like-minded people in the media industry, but let's save that for another blog post. I often do visits to Perth, Western Australia to catch up with my partner, Tom and have our little adventures together. But this time round I decided to take a longer holiday than usual to hang out with him. Before we headed down to the South-West region in Australia, we did a trip with a couple of his friends (...mates) to Lancelin. Maverick, a mutual friend of ours is very talented at taking couple-y photos too.

Here's a few photos of what he has taken of me and Tom.

WOOO. I LYK WHAT I SEE. Haha. Okay, I'm kidding.. 

So it was almost a 2-hour road trip up to Joondalup, and then even past that to Lancelin. I'd actually been there before, sand boarding! Really cool place to just go out pretend to live in the Mad Max universe (hence the attire!).

I'm planning to come back in the future to do some dirt biking with Tom. Went there and, of course, took my drone out to try and figure out the best way to shoot stuff there at the dunes! Love the space so much, I was in awe for a bit when I saw how it looked like from above.

And yes, me and Tom had our own share of taking each other's photos in action too. Hehe.

The trip was really nice, overall, I had a reflection thinking of how different it is my perception now towards the dunes compared to 9 years ago when I was there. It definitely is different when traveling around with different companions. Some people make you fall in love with the adventures. But sometimes too, it's the people you're with that make the experience.

Oh before I go, here's a little mood VLOG to sum up my feels for this trip. Till next time!