The SUICIDE Project - A Contribuition.

We all have stories that we would love to share but at some point, have an underlying fear that resurfaces once in awhile and question our courage to admit that this was our experience. It’s tough, no one said it was easy. So here we are, inviting you to embark on this journey with us on this little thing we have, called “The SUICIDE Project”. 

What is “The SUICIDE Project”?

The project is a research to understand what drives people to that state of mind. What’s the meaning of ‘SUICIDE’ to different people? We are here to make a better difference in every life we hoped to reach out to. This will be the first edition to our research under “PROJECT X”. 

Wait, what is “PROJECT X” then? 

PROJECT X; consists of various research with a bit of human touch. Every month there will be a new theme that we will work on and research on. Hopefully to gain as many insights as possible in regards the theme that we will announce during that month. This month, we will work on the theme ‘SUICIDE’.

How can I contribute to the project? 

That’s easy. We have a platform for you to share your thoughts. Click on this link over here

What happens after I contribute? 

This is the exciting part. We love suspense. You’ll only be notified at the end of the month in regards to where your contribution has gone to.

So stay tuned to find out.