An Open Letter (Personal)

It's a beautiful peaceful Friday morning where I am at right now. And I thought I'm going to share this to whoever that'd come across it.

I'm sure most of us are aware that I'm no longer in partnership with anyone. I chose not to be trapped in toxic relationship where my partner is constantly in fear towards me and lying to me. I choose transparency in all my relationships so if I find someone whom advocates the opposite, I'd want to leave. The utter desperation of finding another partner out of a "dating" app called Tinder after the whole event shows a lot about how he views sacred relationships with one being and another.

I hardly ever open up myself to anyone that I want in life. I choose the close few. I choose the people that I share my energy with . I love to describe events accordingly to how it made me feel, however to some it may deemed as it a bit too dramatic as a whole. And however I express my love towards my friends was made me seen as a creep. Which I found peace with now.. I understood that no matter how important someone can be in your life at some point, things never really last. Some people will never think that you're enough or normal. And that's okay.

I remembered once my Guro Lila ever spoke to me about finding peace with everything that happened is to first accept however it comes and go. Acceptance is key.

And there I found myself finally taking it in to my heart. The intimacy I share with the Universe is so profound, I feel blessed to be just alive.