Look and observe the picture above. Go on, have a couple of minutes and ponder upon your thoughts. What comes into your mind? For me, everything is moving, even the photographer was moving when this picture was in the process of being taken. And that's exactly what we are all doing right now. You as you read this, your eyes are moving, thoughts, everything. Now..

Why trust in the movement? 


Recently, I’ve had a class where I asked practitioners to move around the obstacles with their eyes close. 

The objective is to feel and embrace uncertainty in our surroundings. And it is to remind them to keep moving forward no matter how scary the feeling of uncertainty is. 

Movement is different to everyone. Often we stand in front of an obstacle thinking that we are not able to break the jump or feeling that your body isn’t ready for it. But how often we think that it’s probably just our thoughts clouding and doubting our capabilities? 

Do take note, there’s a vast difference between KNOWING that your body is ready for the movement and THINKING that your body is ready for the movement. 

Many people mistaken that. 


So first, in order to move on from that.. We have to trust.


Trust your trainings

When you go for training, everyone has a different objective. Some maybe seeking pleasure from the companies they get, 

some is seeking to learn a new movement or a perspective, and some maybe just seeking to be fit. You may never really know what you get at the end of the training session but does that stop you from doing it? No. You still go for it and at the end of the day, you know there’s still something you can bring out from that training. Regardless or not you reach your objective. Remember, not everyone can learn how to fly on their first attempt, some even fell down and crawl for awhile before they are able to start walking again. It’s okay if you can’t get a movement today, it’s okay if you can’t get that cat to cat down or you can’t make that gap no matter how small it is. It’s okay. Put your ego aside, stop trying to compare yourself to anyone. Get better than yourself, not anyone else. Trust that every training it’s a step closer to achieving your desired goals.

Even if it’s just a 5 minutes of training, you keep moving. 



Trust your body. 

What has your body got to do with it at all? Listen to your body. Do it. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. 

Your body will always let you know whenever you’re still capable of pushing through your limits or that’s enough for the day. 

Yes, mentality does play apart. It’s all about the mind. But it’s also about the body too. There was once I went through my regular training, always trying to push. Mind over matter, I whispered to myself. I felt that my body was about to give away, I was so drained out but I told myself, just one more vault and that’s the day I cramped up my entire left side of the body. I was petrified because I couldn’t move it at all and the fatigue was rushing in and then I couldn’t train for an entire one and a half years because I actually tore my ligament and took all the impact because my leg was already giving away and wasn’t strong to carry on taking any more jumps on that day.

Common sense, you stop when you’re tired! People would sayWhat people don’t realised is that, they forgotten to do that 90% of the time.

That’s when major injuries happened. Your body will let you know if it’s time for you to rest for the day.

Hands trembling? Trying to catch a breath? Pay attention. Don’t rush. Take your time, give it time. Quality over quantity. Make sure your form is right, don’t compensate or compromise your movement in any way.

Train for a lifetime, not for a year. 



Trust yourself.

Ultimately, this is the most important thing you should do not only in movement but also, in your life. When you look at an obstacle for the first time, obviously you haven’t landed it but why did you come across this notion that you’re capable of landing it? Because when you trust your trainings, and you trust your body, you begin to trust yourself that you can make this jump. Doubts are signs that you’re not ready for it. In any case as well.  

Life is full of uncertainty, people may envisioned how they want certain things to turn out, but honestly, have any of the things you plan out, turn out to be exactly as you planned? But are you going to let that doubt yourself and your capabilities of envisioning things? Nope. You still strive through things, you don’t give up on it just because it didn’t turn out to be how you wanted it to be or everything is just so hard. You want to try landing a 10-feet stationary precision. Don’t try, just do. Realised that you can only reach 8-feet? It’s okay. Take a step back, train. Trust yourself that you can do it soon, you just need more training. Work on it. Fight your fears and doubts in everything. Fear things don't work out the way you want it to be? Stop expecting. Same thing in everything you do. You love something, go for it. Embrace it. Be it in movement, career, family and relationships with anyone.

If you really love something, trust yourself that you can deal with it no matter how hard and challenging it is. 


When everything seems like it's going nowhere, everything is reaching a plateau.. Take a step back, breathe and look at the bigger picture. There are many reasons that you may think about why you feel like giving up in the things you're pursuing but have you ever think about the one reason that drives you this far? Change is happening everyday. Change in the way we move, the way we think, the way we approach things, the way we feel.. So what kind of change do you want it to be? 



I trust that all the answers are within you.