Updates for October 2015

Hello everyone! 

It's been awhile once again since I last update on a new film or whatever that's been going in my life. 

So lately, I've been really busy with freelance project that I'm working on. With various companies, for various commercials and corporate videos and that has totally made me neglect my own film, which is really bad to be honest. 

Nonetheless though, there are many little films that I'm working on. One is a parkour film with one of the movement practitioner and we have yet to explore more spots for more sicker stuffs.

We are really working on it diligently since I'm going to try out a different style of editing and he is going for crazier stunts as usual. He loves to challenge his capabilities and so do I (when comes to filming that is, haha). Other than that, we are all set for and we will release this short film by mid-December 2015.

Just the other night me and a couple of friends were trying to take advantage of this little haze incident that's happening in Singapore by throwing some rooftop party with a flamethrower. Rest assured, no one was injured during this process and in no way we intend to contribute to the haze. We had some pretty cool shots and I made a little teaser out of myself with the help of a friend holding the camera for me. You can check some of the cool stuff here. 

Because I mean, it's cool you know?  You can check out this nano-video teaser below!

Because I mean, it's cool you know?

You can check out this nano-video teaser below!

I mean honestly, I needed to try more things. 

Last but not least, updates on Connected! Hooray! YES, we are done with post! And as mentioned on my instagram lately that I have been really busy and composing original soundtracks for your own film can take sometime, I'm so grateful that my cast and crew has been very patient with me in regards to this matter. I really adore them. Without these people I wouldn't have done it. 

Special mentioned to my cast and crew here;

Russell Van Diemen, Xavier Khoo, Danial (my own brother), Dawn & Nik (Twin Terrors!) , Ambry, Sya, Rosabelle, Tareesh, Tushar, Matthew Winters, Timo, and the rest, I really appreciate it.

Here's a little teaser to the music I was composing! It's from my Instagram! (Then you can also checkout and follow me there! Haha)


— Just copy paste the link onto a new window to experience the soundtrack

You can always drop a comment or a message on my inbox, if you failed to experience the soundtrack on my instagram. I can always give you a private link to it. 

So there goes my post for now. I'll update more often and here's to more adventures and mini videos to larger scales and to even grandeur ones! Have a great week ahead everyone!