The Beginning

Here's a little bit about the other stuff I do. 

The blog will be a platform where I will share ideas, updates about what's going currently and of course discussions about anything I like in life or I would say feel connected to. 

For a start I'll be importing articles I've wrote before from my previous wordpress blog here, just to let some of you read the stuff I've written before in case you've missed it. 


I haven’t written in ages, so pardon my unfathomable usage of grammar and whatnot.

Honestly, with all honesty, I wouldn’t call this an underlying problem but more of an understatement.
An understatement of my own thoughts. Lucidity is something I’ve been fighting for a long time.
Trying to express my thoughts as clearly as I could. As accurate as possible. But as time
passes, I noticed that, when I have the capability of doing so, certain people, couldn’t grasp it still.

So I apologised. I apologised if you disagree to my thoughts, only because that you’ve yet to see and understand that in this world, there could only be so much right to things, that sometimes, wrong isn’t an option. This are just opinions which people rarely find interesting to agree on. And here goes the real deal..

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost it, when you realised that you’ve done something wrong?
That could be anything even the slightest and tiniest mistake you’ve made, for instance, to eat
at a wrong timing, or or, to step on a lego brick because you were careless? And bigger ones, like forgetting
a submission deadline to a major project that causes you to lose your job, or.. to hurt someone?

And then you start taking it in, you anchor down the thoughts, dragging your most intangible thing, that is your heart? You let it dive through you and let it flow through your veins, you take in, and take it deeper. You start thinking about it, you start thinking about where you go wrong. And wonder about if you were to ever be forgiven by the ones you’ve hurt.. But have you ever wondered that maybe what matters the most, isn’t the forgiveness of those, but oneself?

Personally as an individual, I’ve learnt a handful of things through the things I’ve faced. To love is to fall. To grow is to learn. To let go is to forgive. And to forgive is to be free. Maybe being free isn’t all about forgiving, or forgiveness, but is to finally seek what’s your innermost desire to life. And I’m not talking about your goals, your desire for material or lust, I’m talking about your soul. What does it seek the most?

I’ve been brokenhearted and people always throw me and set me aside, countless of times, and yet I find myself saying, it’s okay. Yes, I’m sad, but it’s okay. I know it is, and I can’t seem to agree to it sometimes but it’s true. It’s okay because at least I knew I didn’t have the intention to hurt anyone in the first place, and I know and will always feel the good, see the good and be good. It’s hard sometimes, cause negative thoughts start crawling in, but at my dojo, where I attend my Art Du Dèplacement trainings, I learned to man up. I learned that in darkness, there’s light. In misery, you will find reasons to smile again. In pain and struggle, you’ll find strength and patience. And in chaos, we all have to seek the peace within. Only to understand that whatever you feel outside and portray comes from deep down within you. To be strong is to be useful. To be useful is to be aware. And to be aware you have to throw away your ego. It’s not easy to do so, but I believe if each of us were to tame our ego down a little bit, little day by day.. The world would be a better place. And I learned all these, from my Parkour trainings. The people at my dojo has helped me grow as well.

And at the end, it’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself from the things you do, you faced, and the things you receive. You will realised that you will love the people who taught you things in life, no matter how much you may not or may have hate them at the very beginning. Cause they have taught you things, that made you a better person.

And that’s how we grow, cause we have found ourselves way before, we just don’t realised it.