New Year, Old me.

Too many times we hear someone says, “New Year, New Me”. With the current trends, and everyone in a rush of wanting overnight success and fame, no one really understands what that means. Or why, they are wanting to do so.

2017 has taught me valuable lessons. They are not new, they are repetitive. Same shit just different places, sometimes same situation just different faces. 
And very few happened with the same set of people. It’s lessons like these, when you realised that there’s still somethings that you’ve yet to learn. Whether it’s a toxic relationship, friendship, shitty workplace, a bad habit or just nothing that serves you well at all.

So what do I mean by, New Year, Old Me?

Drowned in late night thoughts and walking pass a constant crowd that carries the same dull energy, I’ve come to realised that carrying a strong set of values and being just who you are is imperative to not lose yourself in the process.

What process? The process of wanting to be successful in life. Everyone has a different definition of success in life. Very different. Consuming current trends and content, does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. But the fact that you let it define you as a person, THAT’S a sin. Everyone wants to be a part of the culture and feel belonged, but everyone is only doing that either because they think it’s the fastest route to success or they are afraid to be alone.

People even go to the extreme of stealing other people’s ideas and execution, and then claim it as their owns.

What happened to gratitude? What happened to appreciation of the other person. Nothing is ever original, there is no way you weren’t inspired by some people that you actually know in life, or admire in life and come out with a content, or an idea on your own.

I’m a massive believer of what Gary Vaynerchuk preaches on his videos. And he even reiterates it when we were having a chat at some point.


Please remember this.

So yes, it’s the New Year but what do I mean by the Old Me? I still am myself in the process of wanting to be successful. I don’t need to change the way I dress to be around certain people, I don’t have to change the way I think about things, just because someone I interact with has opposing views. I don’t need to lose the set of values I hold onto to, just to be admired by the majority. The right people will come and stick around and be part of your journey to success. Whether it be in school, at your workplace, wanting to be a teacher, an artist, an entrepreneur, anything!

Have you heard of this saying before?

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

So seriously, there’s no need to change to keep up with the current trends, or to be admired. Hold on to yourself, cause no one else is going to.

Let go of negative energy, embrace the positive ones.